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Improve and fix release checklist

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-runner!940
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......@@ -118,19 +118,21 @@ if the only RC version was the _RC1_ released near 7th day of month.
- [ ] merge all RCx CHANGELOG entries into release entry and commit
git add; git commit -m "Update CHANGELOG for v{{.Major}}.{{.Minor}}.0
git add && git commit -m "Update CHANGELOG for v{{.Major}}.{{.Minor}}.0" -S
- [ ] tag and push **v{{.Major}}.{{.Minor}}.0**:
git tag -s v{{.Major}}.{{.Minor}}.0 -m "Version v{{.Major}}.{{.Minor}}.0"; git push origin v{{.Major}}.{{.Minor}}.0
git tag -s v{{.Major}}.{{.Minor}}.0 -m "Version v{{.Major}}.{{.Minor}}.0" && git push origin {{.Major}}-{{.Minor}}-stable v{{.Major}}.{{.Minor}}.0
- [ ] checkout to `master` and merge `{{.Major}}-{{.Minor}}-stable` into `master` (only this one time, to update and make the tag available for ./scripts/prepare-changelog-entries.rb in next stable release), push `master`:
git checkout master; git merge --no-ff {{.Major}}-{{.Minor}}-stable; git push
git checkout master; git merge --no-ff {{.Major}}-{{.Minor}}-stable
# check that the only changes are in
git push
- [ ] Before 15:00 UTC
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