Commit 7514fd2e authored by Paul 🐻's avatar Paul 🐻

test: Add a failing test on artifact upload error

parent 0a0ae247
......@@ -267,6 +267,51 @@ func TestArtifactDownloadRunFailure(t *testing.T) {
assert.EqualError(t, err, "build fail")
func TestArtifactUploadRunFailure(t *testing.T) {
e := MockExecutor{}
defer e.AssertExpectations(t)
p := MockExecutorProvider{}
defer p.AssertExpectations(t)
// Create executor
// Prepare plan
e.On("Prepare", mock.Anything, mock.Anything, mock.Anything).Return(nil)
// Successful build script
e.On("Shell").Return(&ShellScriptInfo{Shell: "script-shell"}).Times(8)
e.On("Run", mock.Anything).Return(nil).Times(7)
// Fail last stage (upload stage)
e.On("Run", mock.Anything).Return(errors.New("upload fail")).Once()
e.On("Finish", errors.New("upload fail")).Return().Once()
RegisterExecutor("build-upload-artifacts-run-failure", &p)
successfulBuild, err := GetSuccessfulBuild()
successfulBuild.Artifacts = make(Artifacts, 1)
successfulBuild.Artifacts[0] = Artifact{
Name: "my-artifact",
Untracked: false,
Paths: ArtifactPaths{"cached/*"},
When: ArtifactWhenAlways,
assert.NoError(t, err)
build := &Build{
JobResponse: successfulBuild,
Runner: &RunnerConfig{
RunnerSettings: RunnerSettings{
Executor: "build-upload-artifacts-run-failure",
err = build.Run(&Config{}, &Trace{Writer: os.Stdout})
assert.EqualError(t, err, "upload fail")
func TestRestoreCacheRunFailure(t *testing.T) {
e := MockExecutor{}
defer e.AssertExpectations(t)
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