Commit 3967c205 authored by Karl-Philipp Richter's avatar Karl-Philipp Richter

Document creation of Docker volumes passed with docker exec --docker-volumes...

Document creation of Docker volumes passed with docker exec --docker-volumes and the possibility to use the parameter multiple times
parent cc79602d
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ type DockerConfig struct {
SecurityOpt []string `toml:"security_opt" json:"security_opt" long:"security-opt" env:"DOCKER_SECURITY_OPT" description:"Security Options"`
Devices []string `toml:"devices" json:"devices" long:"devices" env:"DOCKER_DEVICES" description:"Add a host device to the container"`
DisableCache bool `toml:"disable_cache,omitzero" json:"disable_cache" long:"disable-cache" env:"DOCKER_DISABLE_CACHE" description:"Disable all container caching"`
Volumes []string `toml:"volumes,omitempty" json:"volumes" long:"volumes" env:"DOCKER_VOLUMES" description:"Bind mount a volumes"`
Volumes []string `toml:"volumes,omitempty" json:"volumes" long:"volumes" env:"DOCKER_VOLUMES" description:"Bind-mount a volume and create it if it doesn't exist prior to mounting. Can be specified multiple times once per mountpoint, e.g. --docker-volumes 'test0:/test0' --docker-volumes 'test1:/test1'"`
VolumeDriver string `toml:"volume_driver,omitempty" json:"volume_driver" long:"volume-driver" env:"DOCKER_VOLUME_DRIVER" description:"Volume driver to be used"`
CacheDir string `toml:"cache_dir,omitempty" json:"cache_dir" long:"cache-dir" env:"DOCKER_CACHE_DIR" description:"Directory where to store caches"`
ExtraHosts []string `toml:"extra_hosts,omitempty" json:"extra_hosts" long:"extra-hosts" env:"DOCKER_EXTRA_HOSTS" description:"Add a custom host-to-IP mapping"`
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