Commit 09cc6ffb authored by Steve Azzopardi's avatar Steve Azzopardi

Show warning to user when specifying helper image

If the user has a helper image specified in the config, and the feature
flag is not on, show a warning to the user to inform him that the
commands will change.
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......@@ -291,6 +291,10 @@ func (e *executor) getPrebuiltImage() (*types.ImageInspect, error) {
imageNameFromConfig = common.AppVersion.Variables().ExpandValue(imageNameFromConfig)
e.Debugln("Pull configured helper_image for predefined container instead of import bundled image", imageNameFromConfig, "...")
if !e.Build.IsFeatureFlagOn(common.FFDockerHelperImageV2) {
e.Warningln("DEPRECATION: With gitlab-runner 12.0 we will change some tools inside the helper image, please make sure your image is compliant with the new API.")
return e.getDockerImage(imageNameFromConfig)
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