Restore gofmt rules from before codeclimate update

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......@@ -8,10 +8,25 @@ code_path=$(pwd)
# it will break codequality json file
[ "$CI" != "" ] || docker_tty="--tty"
# Preparing gocyclo analyzer
docker pull > /dev/null
docker tag codeclimate/codeclimate-gocyclo > /dev/null
# Preparing gofmt analyzer
# We're forcing the `b65` version because this is the oldest one that
# doesn't require go1.12 compatible formatting. Since we're still stuck
# on go1.8.7 it's better to set specific version of gofmt analyzer than
# to manually update formatting for go1.12 (which is especially hard ant
# frustrating when using an IDE) while still using the old version of Go
# for development.
docker pull codeclimate/codeclimate-gofmt:b65 > /dev/null
docker tag codeclimate/codeclimate-gofmt:b65 codeclimate/codeclimate-gofmt:latest > /dev/null
# Executing codeclimate check
exec docker run --rm $docker_tty --env CODECLIMATE_CODE="$code_path" \
--volume "$code_path":/code \
--volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
--volume /tmp/cc:/tmp/cc \
codeclimate/codeclimate:0.83.0 "$@"
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