Commit 9510207d authored by Kamil Trzciński's avatar Kamil Trzciński


parent acb2dacc
v 1.0.0
- Add `gitlab-runner exec` command to easy running builds
- Add `gitlab-runner status` command to easy check the status of the service
- Add `gitlab-runner list` command to list all runners from config file
- Allow to specify `ImageTTL` for configuration the frequency of docker image re-pulling (see advanced-configuration)
- Inject TLS certificate chain for `git clone` in build container, the gitlab-runner SSL certificates are used
- Remove TLSSkipVerify since this is unsafe option
- Add go-reaper to make gitlab-runner to act as init 1 process fixing zombie issue when running docker container
- Create and send artifacts as zip files
- Add internal commands for creating and extracting archives without the system dependencies
- Add internal command for uploading artifacts without the system dependencies
- Use umask in docker build containers to fix running jobs as specific user
- Fix problem with `cache` paths never being archived
- Add support for [`cache:key`](
- Add warnings about using runner in `user-mode`
- Push packages to all upcoming distributions (Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora)
- Rewrite the shell support adding all features to all shells (makes possible to use artifacts and caching on Windows)
- Complain about missing caching and artifacts on some executors
- Added VirtualBox executor
- Embed prebuilt docker build images in runner binary and load them if needed
- Make possible to cache absolute paths (unsafe on shell executor)
v 0.7.2
- Adjust `umask` for build image
- Use absolute path when executing archive command
......@@ -102,6 +102,7 @@ This defines the Docker Container parameters.
| `services` | specify additional services that should be run with build. Please visit [Docker Registry]( for list of available applications. Each service will be run in separate container and linked to the build. |
| `allowed_images` | specify wildcard list of images that can be specified in .gitlab-ci.yml |
| `allowed_services` | specify wildcard list of services that can be specified in .gitlab-ci.yml |
| `image_ttl` | specify the image re-pulling interval, default 1 minute, 0 to disable pulling image if is found |
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