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Document clear-docker-cache script

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......@@ -332,7 +332,19 @@ If you modify the `/cache` storage path, you also need to make sure to mark this
directory as persistent by defining it in `volumes = ["/my/cache/"]` under the
`[runners.docker]` section in `config.toml`.
Read the next section of persistent storage for more information.
### Clearing Docker cache
GitLab Runner provides the [`clear-docker-cache`](
script to remove containers that can unnecessarily consume disk space.
Run `clear-docker-cache` regularly (using `cron` once per week, for example),
ensuring a balance is struck between:
- Maintaining some recent containers in the cache for performance.
- Reclaiming disk space.
NOTE: **Note:**
`clear-docker-cache` does not clean build or cache volumes.
## The persistent storage
......@@ -348,7 +360,7 @@ The `volumes` directive supports two types of storage:
bind to `<host-path>` on the host system. The optional `<mode>` can specify
that this storage is read-only or read-write (default).
## The persistent storage for builds
### The persistent storage for builds
If you make the `/builds` to be **the host-bound storage**, your builds will be stored in:
`/builds/<short-token>/<concurrent-id>/<namespace>/<project-name>`, where:
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