Commit 701bb4a6 authored by Kamil Trzciński's avatar Kamil Trzciński 💬


parent 29c6c12c
v 0.5.0 (unreleased)
- Allow to override image and services for Docker executor from Coordinator
- Added support for additional options passed from coordinator
- Added support for receiving and defining allowed images and services from the Coordinator
- Rename gitlab_ci_multi_runner to gitlab-runner
- Don't require config file to exist in order to run runner
- Change where config file is stored: /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml (*nix, root), ~/.gitlab-runner/config.toml (*nix, user)
- Create config on service install
- Require root to control service on Linux
- Require to specify user when installing service
- Run service as root, but impersonate as --user when executing shell scripts
- Migrate config.toml from user directory to /etc/gitlab-runner/
- Simplify service installation and upgrade
- Add --provides and --replaces to package builder
- Powershell: check exit code in writeCommandChecked
- Added installation tests
- Add runner alpine-based image
- Send executor features with RunnerInfo
- Verbose mode by using `echo` instead of `set -v`
- Colorize bash output
- Set environment variables from bash script: this fixes problem with su
- Don't cache Dockerfile VOLUMEs
v 0.4.2
- Force GC cycle after processing build
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