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v11.9.0-rc2 (2019-03-13)
v11.9.0 (2019-03-22)
- Fix CI_PROJECT_DIR handling !1241
- Restore availability of pprof in the debug server !1242
**Deprecations for upcoming 12.0 release**
All deprecations, with a detailed description, are listed at
1. With version 11.9 we're deprecating the support for Docker Executor on CentOS 6
2. With version 11.9 we've implemented a new method for cloning/fetching repositories.
Currently GitLab Runner still respects the old configuration sent from GitLab, but with
12.0 old methods will be removed and GitLab Runner will require at least GitLab 11.9
to work properly.
3. With version 11.0 we've changed how the metrics server is configured for GitLab Runner.
`metrics_server` was replaced with `listen_address`. With version 12.0 the old configuration
option will be removed.
4. With version 11.3 we've implemented support for different remote cache providers, which
required a change in how the cache is configured. With version 12.0 support for old
configuration structure will be removed.
5. With version 11.4 we've fixed the way how `entrypoint:` and `command:` options of
Extended Docker configuration (https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/ci/docker/using_docker_images.html#extended-docker-configuration-options)
are being handled by Kubernetes Executor. The previous implementation was wrong and
was making the configuration unusable in most cases. However some users could relay
on this wrong behavior. Because of that we've added a feature flag `FF_K8S_USE_ENTRYPOINT_OVER_COMMAND`
which, when set to `false`, could bring back the old behavior. With version 12.0 the
feature flag as well as the old behavior will be removed.
6. Some Linux distributions for which GitLab Runner is providing DEB and RPM packages
have reached their End of Life. With version 12.0 we'll remove support for all
EoL distributions at the moment of 12.0 release.
7. With version 11.9 we've prepared a go-based replacement for Runner Helper commands
executed within Docker executor inside of the Helper Image. With version 12.0
we will remove support for old commands basing on bash scripts. This change will
affect only the users that are configuring their custom Helper Image (the image
will require an update to align with new requirements)
release changes:
v11.9.0-rc1 (2019-03-08)
- fix(parallels): use the newer sntp command to time sync !1145
- Update docker API verion !1187
- Update alpine images to alpine 3.9 !1197
......@@ -32,6 +68,7 @@ v11.9.0-rc1 (2019-03-08)
- Add note about pod annotations for more clarity !1220
- Resolve memory allocation failure when cloning repos with LFS objects bigger than available RAM !1200
- Release also on gitlab releases page !1232
- Restore availability of pprof in the debug server !1242
v11.8.0 (2019-02-22)
- Kubernetes executor: add support for Node tolerations !941
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