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v 1.1.0
- Use Go 1.5
- Change license to MIT
- Add docker-machine based auto-scaling for docker executor
- Add support for external cache server
- Add support for `sh`, allowing to run builds on images without the `bash`
- Add support for passing the artifacts between stages
- Add `docker-pull-policy`, it removes the `docker-image-ttl`
- Add `docker-network-mode`
- Add `git` to gitlab-runner:alpine
- Add support for `CapAdd`, `CapDrop` and `Devices` by docker executor
- Add support for passing the name of artifacts archive (`artifacts:name`)
- Refactor: The build trace is now implemented by `network` module
- Refactor: Remove CGO dependency on Windows
- Fix: Create alternative aliases for docker services (uses `-`)
- Fix: VirtualBox port race condition
- Fix: Create cache for all builds, including tags
- Fix: Make the shell executor more verbose when the process cannot be started
- Fix: Pass gitlab-ci.yml variables to build container created by docker executor
- Fix: Don't restore cache if not defined in gitlab-ci.yml
- Fix: always use `json-file` when starting docker containers
v 1.0.4
- Fix support for Windows PowerShell
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