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Update CHANGELOG [ci skip]

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v 1.5.0 (unreleased)
v 1.5.0
- Update vendored toml !258
- Release armel instead arm for Debian packages !264
- Improve concurrency of docker+machine executor !254
- Use .xz for prebuilt docker images to reduce binary size and provisioning speed of Docker Engines !249
- Remove vendored test files !271
- Update gitlab-runner-service to return 1 when no Host or PORT is defined !253
- Log caching URL address
- Retry executor preparation to reduce system failures !244
- Fix missing entrypoint script in alpine Dockerfile !248
- Suppress all but the first warning of a given type when extracting a ZIP file !261
- Mount /builds folder to all services when used with Docker Executor !272
- Cache docker client instances to avoid a file descriptor leak !260
- Support bind mount of `/builds` folder !193
v 1.4.2
- Fix abort mechanism when patching trace
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