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## Developing for Windows on a non-windows environment
We provide a [Vagrantfile](
to help you run a Windows Server 2019 or Windows 10 instance, since we
are using [multiple machines]( inside of Vagrant.
The following are required:
- [Vagrant]( installed.
- [Virtualbox]( installed.
- Around 30GB of free hard disk space on your computer.
Which virtual machine to use depends on your use case:
- The Windows Server machine has docker pre-installed and should always
be used when you are developing on Runner for Windows.
- The Windows 10 machine is there for you to have a windows environment
with a GUI which sometimes can help you debugging some Windows
features. Note that you cannot have Docker running inside of Windows
10 because nested virtualization is not supported.
Running `vagrant up windows_10` will start the Windows 10 machine for
you. To:
- ssh inside of the Windows 10 machine, run `vagrant ssh windows_10`.
- Access the GUI for the Windows 10, you can connect via
RDP by running `vagrant rdp windows_10`, which will connect to the
machine using a locally installed RDP program.
For both machines, the GitLab Runner source code is synced
bi-directionally so that you can edit from your machine with your
favorite editor. The source code can be found under the `$GOROOT`
environment variable. We have a `RUNNER_SRC` environment variable which
you can use to find out the full path so when using:
- Windows batch scripts, you can run `cd %RUNNER_SRC`.
- PowerShell, you can use `cd $Env:RUNNER_SRC`.
## Troubleshooting
### executor_docker.go missing Asset symbol
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