GitLab Runner Cleanup Tool a tool to automatically manage free space when using Docker

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GitLab Runner Docker Cleanup

This is simple docker application that automatically garbage collects the GitLab Runner Caches and Images when running on low disk space.

How to run it?

The tool requires access to Docker Engine.

By default the Docker Engine listens under /var/run/docker.sock

docker run -d \
    -e LOW_FREE_SPACE=10G \
    -e LOW_FREE_FILES_COUNT=1048576 \
    -e DEFAULT_TTL=10m \
    -e USE_DF=1 \
    --restart always \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    --name=gitlab-runner-docker-cleanup \

The above command will ensure to always have at least 10GB of free disk space and at least 1M of free files (i-nodes) on disk.

The i-nodes is especially important when using Docker with overlay storage engine. More information about i-node problem here.


You can configure GitLab Runner Docker Cleanup with environment variables:

Variable Default Description
CHECK_PATH / The path which is used when checking disk usage
LOW_FREE_SPACE 1GB When trigger the cache and image removal
EXPECTED_FREE_SPACE 2GB How much the free space to cleanup
LOW_FREE_FILES_COUNT 131072 When the number of free files (i-nodes) runs below this value trigger the cache and image removal
EXPECTED_FREE_FILES_COUNT 262144 How many free files (i-nodes) to cleanup
USE_DF false Use a command line df tool to check disk space. Set to false when connecting to remote Docker Engine. Set to true when using with locally installed Docker Engine
CHECK_INTERVAL 10s How often to check the disk space
RETRY_INTERVAL 30s How long to wait before retrying in case of failure
DEFAULT_TTL 1m Minimum time to preserve a newly downloaded images or created caches

Automated build

The image is automatically built by quay.io. To see a latest build status, go to:


  1. Install Go Runtime, the 1.5.x is preferred

  2. Download the sources with dependencies:

go get gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-runner-docker-cleanup
  1. Modifying sources and run tests:
cd $GOPATH/src/gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-runner-docker-cleanup
go test


Kamil Trzciński