Commit 1561332d authored by Mark Lapierre's avatar Mark Lapierre

Add note about matching hostnames

parent fe355841
......@@ -42,6 +42,9 @@ make a few changes to your `gdk/gitlab/config/gitlab.yml` file.
$ exe/gitlab-qa Test::Instance::Any gitlab/gitlab-ce:your-custom-tag -- qa/specs/features/browser_ui/1_manage/login/log_in_spec.rb
**Note:** The hostname of the URL provided to `gitlab-qa` must match the hostname configured for GDK.
If they do not match, a test will be signed out when it visits a page directly because the hostname of the URL visited will be different from the hostname that was used when signing in.
### Running EE tests
When running EE tests you'll need to have a license available. GitLab engineers can [request a license](
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