GitLab QA

Integration tests for GitLab

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GitLab end-to-end tests

End-to-end test suite that verifies GitLab as a whole.

GitLab consists of multiple pieces configured and packaged by GitLab Omnibus.

The purpose of this test suite is to verify that all pieces do integrate well together.

How do we use it

Currently we trigger test suite against GitLab Docker images created by Omnibus nightly.

How can you use it

GitLab QA tool is published as a Ruby Gem.

You can install it with gem install gitlab-qa. It will expose a gitlab-qa command in your system.

  1. Run tests against a Docker image with GitLab:

    gitlab-qa Test::Instance::Image CE|EE

  2. Test upgrade process:

    gitlab-qa Test::Omnibus::Upgrade CE|EE

  3. Run tests against any existing instance:

    gitlab-qa Test::Instance::Any CE|EE nightly|latest http://your.instance.gitlab

Supported environment variables

  • GITLAB_USERNAME - username to use when signing in to GitLab
  • GITLAB_PASSWORD - password to use when signing in to GitLab
  • EE_LICENSE - Enterprise Edition license