Tooling used to monitor some aspects of GitLab.com

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gitlab-monitor is a Prometheus Web exporter that does the following:

  1. Collects GitLab production metrics via custom probes defined in a YAML configuration file.
  2. Custom probes gather measurements in the form of key/value pairs.
  3. For each probe, gitlab-monitor creates an HTTP endpoint /<probe_name> (by default on port 9168) that delivers these metrics to a Prometheus scraper.

A central Prometheus process is configured to poll exporters at a specified frequency.

Supported Probes

Below is a list of probes added by this exporter, and their corresponding metrics.

  1. Database
  2. Git
    • git pull/push timings -- git_pull_time_milliseconds, git_push_time_milliseconds
    • git processes stats (see Process below)
  3. Process
    • Age -- process_age_seconds
    • Count -- process_count
    • Memory usage -- process_memory_bytes
  4. Sidekiq -- sidekiq_queue_size, sidekiq_queue_latency, sidekiq_enqueued_jobs_count, sidekiq_running_jobs_count, sidekiq_jobs_to_be_retried_count

Setup with GitLab Development Kit

gitlab-monitor can be setup with the GitLab Development Kit for development. When using the gitlab-monitor CLI, you'll need to set the --db-conn flag to connect to the PostgreSQL instance in your GDK folder. For example:

bin/gitlab-mon row-counts --db-conn="dbname=gitlabhq_development host=/Users/<user>/gitlab-development-kit/postgresql"

Running gitlab-monitor as a Web exporter

When serving the pages on localhost, you'll need to edit the YAML configuration file. An example can be found under config/gitlab-monitor.yml.example. For each probe that has to connect to the database, set the connection_string to dbname=gitlabhq_development host=/Users/<user>/gitlab-development-kit/postgresql

Once you have this configured, you can then run:

bin/gitlab-mon web -c config/gitlab-monitor.yml

Once running, you can point your browser or curl to the following URLs: