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      Add many foreign keys to the projects table · c63e3221
      Yorick Peterse authored
      This removes the need for relying on Rails' "dependent" option for data
      removal, which is _incredibly_ slow (even when using :delete_all) when
      deleting large amounts of data. This also ensures data consistency is
      enforced on DB level and not on application level (something Rails is
      really bad at).
      This commit also includes various migrations to add foreign keys to
      tables that eventually point to "projects" to ensure no rows get
      orphaned upon removing a project.
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      Enforce the fork_project permission in Projects::CreateService · 3ed80a01
      Nick Thomas authored
      Projects::ForkService delegates to this service almost entirely, but needed
      one small change so it would propagate create errors correctly.
      CreateService#execute needs significant refactoring; it is now right at the
      complexity limit set by Rubocop. I avoided doing so in this commit to keep the
      diff as small as possible.
      Several tests depend on the insecure behaviour of ForkService, so fi them up at
      the same time.
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      Merge Request on forked projects · 3d7194f0
      Izaak Alpert authored
      The good:
       - You can do a merge request for a forked commit and it will merge properly (i.e. it does work).
       - Push events take into account merge requests on forked projects
       - Tests around merge_actions now present, spinach, and other rspec tests
       - Satellites now clean themselves up rather then recreate
      The questionable:
       - Events only know about target projects
       - Project's merge requests only hold on to MR's where they are the target
       - All operations performed in the satellite
      The bad:
        -  Duplication between project's repositories and satellites (e.g. commits_between)
      (for reference: http://feedback.gitlab.com/forums/176466-general/suggestions/3456722-merge-requests-between-projects-repos)
      Make test repos/satellites only create when needed
      -Spinach/Rspec now only initialize test directory, and setup stubs (things that are relatively cheap)
      -project_with_code, source_project_with_code, and target_project_with_code now create/destroy their repos individually
      -fixed remote removal
      -How to merge renders properly
      -Update emails to show project/branches
      -Edit MR doesn't set target branch
      -Fix some failures on editing/creating merge requests, added a test
      -Added back a test around merge request observer
      -Clean up project_transfer_spec, Remove duplicate enable/disable observers
      -Ensure satellite lock files are cleaned up, Attempted to add some testing around these as well
      -Signifant speed ups for tests
      -Update formatting ordering in notes_on_merge_requests
      -Remove wiki schema update
      Fixes for search/search results
      -Search results was using by_project for a list of projects, updated this to use in_projects
      -updated search results to reference the correct (target) project
      -udpated search results to print both sides of the merge request
      Change-Id: I19407990a0950945cc95d62089cbcc6262dab1a8
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