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Expand on the good changelog/bad changelog documentation examples

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......@@ -51,14 +51,34 @@ making it both concise and descriptive, err on the side of descriptive.
- **Bad:** Go to a project order.
- **Good:** Show a user's starred projects at the top of the "Go to project"
The first example provides no context of where the change was made, or why, or
how it benefits the user.
- **Bad:** Copy [some text] to clipboard.
- **Good:** Update the "Copy to clipboard" tooltip to indicate what's being
Again, the first example is too vague and provides no context.
- **Bad:** Fixes and Improves CSS and HTML problems in mini pipeline graph and
builds dropdown.
- **Good:** Fix tooltips and hover states in mini pipeline graph and builds
The first example is too focused on implementation details. The user doesn't
care that we changed CSS and HTML, they care about the _end result_ of those
- **Bad:** Strip out `nil`s in the Array of Commit objects returned from
- **Good:** Fix 500 errors caused by elasticsearch results referencing
garbage-collected commits
The first example focuses on _how_ we fixed something, not on _what_ it fixes.
The rewritten version clearly describes the _end benefit_ to the user (fewer 500
errors), and _when_ (searching commits with ElasticSearch).
Use your best judgement and try to put yourself in the mindset of someone
reading the compiled changelog. Does this entry add value? Does it offer context
about _where_ and _why_ the change was made?
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