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The purpose of this guide is to document potential "gotchas" that contributors
might encounter or should avoid during development of GitLab CE and EE.
## Do not `describe` symbols
Consider the following model spec:
require 'rails_helper'
describe User do
describe :to_param do
it 'converts the username to a param' do
user = 'John Smith')
expect(user.to_param).to eq 'john-smith'
When run, this spec doesn't do what we might expect:
spec/models/user_spec.rb|6 error| Failure/Error: u = NoMethodError: undefined method `new' for :to_param:Symbol
### Solution
Except for the top-level `describe` block, always provide a String argument to
## Do not assert against the absolute value of a sequence-generated attribute
Consider the following factory:
......@@ -195,7 +195,6 @@ Please consult the [dedicated "Frontend testing" guide](./fe_guide/
- Use `context` to test branching logic.
- Use multi-line `do...end` blocks for `before` and `after`, even when it would
fit on a single line.
- Don't `describe` symbols (see [Gotchas](
- Don't assert against the absolute value of a sequence-generated attribute (see [Gotchas](
- Don't supply the `:each` argument to hooks since it's the default.
- Prefer `not_to` to `to_not` (_this is enforced by RuboCop_).
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