Commit f97dffdd authored by Jan Beckmann's avatar Jan Beckmann

add spec testing '#' escape in relative link filter

parent 2824a725
......@@ -217,6 +217,23 @@ describe Banzai::Filter::RelativeLinkFilter do
context 'when ref name contains special chars' do
let(:ref) {'mark#\'@],+;-._/#@!$&()+down'}
it 'correctly escapes the ref' do
# Adressable won't escape the '#', so we do this manually
ref_escaped = 'mark%23\'@%5D,+;-._/%23@!$&()+down'
# Stub this method so the branch doesn't actually need to be in the repo
allow_any_instance_of(described_class).to receive(:uri_type).and_return(:raw)
doc = filter(link('files/images/logo-black.png'))
.to eq "/#{project_path}/raw/#{ref_escaped}/files/images/logo-black.png"
context 'when requested path is a directory with space in the repo' do
let(:ref) { 'master' }
let(:commit) { project.commit('38008cb17ce1466d8fec2dfa6f6ab8dcfe5cf49e') }
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