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parent 875bae16
......@@ -235,7 +235,7 @@ There might be configuration options available for [`gitlab.yml`][yaml]. View th
cd /home/git/gitlab
git diff origin/11-1-stable:config/gitlab.yml.example origin/11-4-stable:config/gitlab.yml.example
git diff origin/11-3-stable:config/gitlab.yml.example origin/11-4-stable:config/gitlab.yml.example
#### Nginx configuration
......@@ -246,10 +246,10 @@ Ensure you're still up-to-date with the latest NGINX configuration changes:
cd /home/git/gitlab
# For HTTPS configurations
git diff origin/11-1-stable:lib/support/nginx/gitlab-ssl origin/11-4-stable:lib/support/nginx/gitlab-ssl
git diff origin/11-3-stable:lib/support/nginx/gitlab-ssl origin/11-4-stable:lib/support/nginx/gitlab-ssl
# For HTTP configurations
git diff origin/11-1-stable:lib/support/nginx/gitlab origin/11-4-stable:lib/support/nginx/gitlab
git diff origin/11-3-stable:lib/support/nginx/gitlab origin/11-4-stable:lib/support/nginx/gitlab
If you are using Strict-Transport-Security in your installation to continue using it you must enable it in your Nginx
......@@ -283,7 +283,7 @@ There might be new configuration options available for [`gitlab.default.example`
cd /home/git/gitlab
git diff origin/11-1-stable:lib/support/init.d/gitlab.default.example origin/11-4-stable:lib/support/init.d/gitlab.default.example
git diff origin/11-3-stable:lib/support/init.d/gitlab.default.example origin/11-4-stable:lib/support/init.d/gitlab.default.example
Ensure you're still up-to-date with the latest init script changes:
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