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Adds documentation of git trace when git push/pull times out

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......@@ -78,5 +78,20 @@ git push
In case you're running an older version of Git (< 2.9), consider upgrading
to >= 2.9 (see [Broken pipe when pushing to Git repository][Broken-Pipe]).
## Timeout during git push/pull
If pulling/pushing from/to your repository ends up taking more than 50 seconds,
a timeout will be issued with a log of the number of operations performed
and their respective timings, like the example below:
remote: Running checks for branch: master
remote: Scanning for LFS objects... (153ms)
remote: Calculating new repository size... (cancelled after 729ms)
This could be used to further investigate what operation is performing poorly
and provide GitLab with more information on how to improve the service.
[SSH troubleshooting]: ../../ssh/ "SSH Troubleshooting"
[Broken-Pipe]: "StackOverflow: 'Broken pipe when pushing to Git repository'"
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