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Document a New Branch feature for Bare Projects

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......@@ -109,12 +109,19 @@ the title of the issue and as suffix it will have its ID. Thus, the example
screenshot above will yield a branch named
Since GitLab 9.0, when you click the `New branch` in an empty repository project, GitLab automatically creates the master branch, commits a blank `` file to it and creates and redirects you to a new branch based on the issue title.
If your [project is already configured with a deployment service][project-services-doc] (e.g. Kubernetes), GitLab takes one step further and prompts you to set up [auto deploy][auto-deploy-doc] by helping you create a `.gitlab-ci.yml` file.
After the branch is created, you can edit files in the repository to fix
the issue. When a merge request is created based on the newly created branch,
the description field will automatically display the [issue closing pattern]
`Closes #ID`, where `ID` the ID of the issue. This will close the issue once the
merge request is merged.
[project-services-doc]: ../integrations/
[auto-deploy-doc]: ../../../ci/autodeploy/
### Create a new branch from a project's dashboard
If you want to make changes to several files before creating a new merge
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