Commit 6ddb35bd authored by Robert Speicher's avatar Robert Speicher

Move tree-related views from refs to trees

parent 567767bc
= render partial: 'shared/ref_switcher', locals: {destination: 'tree', path: params[:path]}
%li{class: "#{'active' if (controller.controller_name == "refs") }"}
= link_to tree_project_ref_path(@project, @ref) do
%button{class: "btn small active", :"data-clone" => @project.ssh_url_to_repo} SSH
%button{class: "btn small", :"data-clone" => @project.http_url_to_repo} HTTP
= text_field_tag :project_clone, @project.url_to_repo, class: "one_click_select span5"
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