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# Docker Registry for a secondary node **(PREMIUM ONLY)**
You can set up a [Docker Registry] on your
You can set up a [Docker Registry]( on your
**secondary** Geo node that mirrors the one on the **primary** Geo node.
## Storage support
CAUTION: **Warning:**
If you use [local storage][registry-storage]
for the Container Registry you **cannot** replicate it to a **secondary** node.
Docker Registry currently supports a few types of storages. If you choose a
distributed storage (`azure`, `gcs`, `s3`, `swift`, or `oss`) for your Docker
Registry on the **primary** node, you can use the same storage for a **secondary**
Docker Registry as well. For more information, read the
[Load balancing considerations][registry-load-balancing]
[Load balancing considerations](
when deploying the Registry, and how to set up the storage driver for GitLab's
integrated [Container Registry][registry-storage].
integrated [Container Registry](../../
## Replicating Docker Registry
You can enable a storage-agnostic replication so it
can be used for cloud or local storages. Whenever a new image is pushed to the
primary node, each **secondary** node will pull it to its own container
To configure Docker Registry replication:
1. Configure the [**primary** node](#configure-primary-node).
1. Configure the [**secondary** node](#configure-secondary-node).
1. Verify Docker Registry [replication](#verify-replication).
### Configure **primary** node
Make sure that you have Container Registry set up and working on
the **primary** node before following the next steps.
We need to make Docker Registry send notification events to the
**primary** node.
1. SSH into your GitLab **primary** server and login as root:
sudo -i
1. Edit `/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb`:
registry['notifications'] = [
'name' => 'geo_event',
'url' => '',
'timeout' => '500ms',
'threshold' => 5,
'backoff' => '1s',
'headers' => {
'Authorization' => ['<replace_with_a_secret_token>']
NOTE: **Note:**
If you use an external Registry (not the one integrated with GitLab), you must add
these settings to its configuration. In this case, you will also have to specify
notification secret in `registry.notification_secret` section of
`/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb` file.
1. Reconfigure the **primary** node for the change to take effect:
gitlab-ctl reconfigure
### Configure **secondary** node
Make sure you have Container Registry set up and working on
the **secondary** node before following the next steps.
The following steps should be done on each **secondary** node you're
expecting to see the Docker images replicated.
Because we need to allow the **secondary** node to communicate securely with
the **primary** node Container Registry, we need to have a single key
pair for all the nodes. The **secondary** node will use this key to
generate a short-lived JWT that is pull-only-capable to access the
**primary** node Container Registry.
1. SSH into the **secondary** node and login as the `root` user:
sudo -i
1. Copy `/var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-rails/etc/gitlab-registry.key` from the **primary** to the **secondary** node.
1. Edit `/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb`:
gitlab_rails['registry_replication'] = {
enabled: true,
primary_api_url: '' # internal address to the primary registry, will be used by GitLab to directly communicate with primary registry API
1. Reconfigure the **secondary** node for the change to take effect:
gitlab-ctl reconfigure
### Verify replication
[Docker Registry]:
[registry-storage]: ../../
To verify Container Registry replication is working, go to **Admin Area > Geo** (`/admin/geo/nodes`) on the **secondary** node.
The initial replication, or "backfill", will probably still be in progress.
You can monitor the synchronization process on each Geo node from the **primary** node's **Geo Nodes** dashboard in your browser.
......@@ -274,7 +274,7 @@ You can keep track of the progress to include the missing items in:
| [Server-side Git Hooks](../../ | No | No |
| [Elasticsearch integration](../../../integration/ | No | No |
| [GitLab Pages](../../pages/ | No | No |
| [Container Registry](../../ ([track progress]( | No | No |
| [Container Registry](../../ | Yes | No |
| [NPM Registry](../../ | No | No |
| [Maven Packages](../../ | No | No |
| [External merge request diffs](../../ | No, if they are on-disk | No |
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