Commit 4dc14576 authored by Shinya Maeda's avatar Shinya Maeda

Fix comments

parent 27111e29
......@@ -52,24 +52,24 @@ class MigrateKubernetesServiceToNewClustersArchitectures < ActiveRecord::Migrati
belongs_to :project, class_name: 'Project'
# 10.1 ~ 10.2
# When users create a cluster, KubernetesService is automatically synchronized
# with Platforms::Kubernetes due to delegate Kubernetes specific logic.
# We only target unmanaged KubernetesService records.
# When users created a cluster, KubernetesService was automatically configured
# by Platforms::Kubernetes parameters.
# Because Platforms::Kubernetes delegated some logic to KubernetesService.
# 10.3
# We no longer create KubernetesService because Platforms::Kubernetes has the specific logic.
# When users create a cluster, KubernetesService is no longer synchronized.
# Because we copied delegated logic in Platforms::Kubernetes.
# "unmanaged" means "unmanaged by Platforms::Kubernetes(New archetecture)"
# "cluster_projects.project_id IS NULL" -> it's not copied from KubernetesService
# " NOT LIKE CONCAT('%', cluster_platforms_kubernetes.api_url, '%')" -> KubernetesService has unique configuration which is not included in Platforms::Kubernetes
# - "unmanaged" means "unmanaged by Platforms::Kubernetes(New archetecture)"
# - We only want to migrate records which are not synchronized with Platforms::Kubernetes.
scope :unmanaged_kubernetes_service, -> do
joins('INNER JOIN projects ON = services.project_id')
.where("services.category = 'deployment'")
where("services.category = 'deployment'")
.where("services.type = 'KubernetesService'")
.where("services.template = FALSE")
.where("NOT EXISTS (?)",
.joins('INNER JOIN projects ON = services.project_id')
.joins('INNER JOIN cluster_projects ON cluster_projects.project_id =')
.where('cluster_projects.cluster_id = cluster_platforms_kubernetes.cluster_id')
.where(" LIKE CONCAT('%', cluster_platforms_kubernetes.api_url, '%')")
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