Commit 48f017d1 authored by Shinya Maeda's avatar Shinya Maeda

Use pipeline.trigger_requests.last

parent 209549c9
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......@@ -32,12 +32,12 @@ module API
render_api_error!(result[:message], result[:http_status])
pipeline = result[:pipeline]
trigger_request = Ci::TriggerRequest.find_by(commit_id:
# We switched to Ci::PipelineVariable from Ci::TriggerRequest.variables.
# Ci::TriggerRequest doesn't save variables anymore.
# Here is copying Ci::PipelineVariable to Ci::TriggerRequest.variables for presenting the variables.
# The same endpoint in v4 API pressents Pipeline instead of TriggerRequest, so it doesn't need such a process.
trigger_request = pipeline.trigger_requests.last
trigger_request.variables = params[:variables]
present trigger_request, with: ::API::V3::Entities::TriggerRequest
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