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......@@ -16,13 +16,13 @@ In addition to this page, the following resources to help craft and contribute d
- [Markdown Guide]( - A reference for the markdown implementation used by GitLab's documentation site and
- [Site architecture](site_architecture/ - How is built.
## Source and rendered locations
## Source files and rendered web locations
Documentation for GitLab Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE), along with GitLab Runner and Omnibus, is published to []( The documentation for CE and EE is also published within the application at `/help` on the domain of the GitLab instance.
At `/help`, only content for your current edition and version is included, whereas multiple versions' content is available at
The source of the documentation is maintained in the following repository locations:
The source of the documentation exists within the codebase of each GitLab application in the following repository locations:
| Project | Path |
| --- | --- |
......@@ -48,87 +48,13 @@ as its markdown rendering engine. See the [GitLab Markdown Guide](https://about.
Adhere to the [Documentation Style Guide]( If a style standard is missing, you are welcome to suggest one via a merge request.
## Documentation types and organization
The documentation is structured based on the GitLab UI structure itself,
separated by [`user`](,
[`administrator`](, and [`contributor`](
Organize docs by product area and subject, not type. For example, do not create groupings of similar media types
(e.g. indexes of all articles, videos, etc.).
Similarly, we do not use glossaries or FAQs. Such grouping of content by type makes
it difficult to browse for the information you need and difficult to maintain up-to-date content.
Instead, organize content by its subject (e.g. everything related to CI goes together)
and cross-link between any related content.
### Location and naming of files
Our goal is to have a clear hierarchical structure with meaningful URLs
like ``. With this pattern,
you can immediately tell that you are navigating to user-related documentation
about project features; specifically about merge requests. Our site's paths match
those of our repository, so the clear structure also makes documentation easier to update.
In order to have a [solid site structure]( for our documentation,
all docs should be linked at least from its higher-level index page if not also from other relevant locations.
The table below shows what kind of documentation goes where.
| Directory | What belongs here |
| `doc/user/` | User related documentation. Anything that can be done within the GitLab UI goes here including `/admin`. |
| `doc/administration/` | Documentation that requires the user to have access to the server where GitLab is installed. The admin settings that can be accessed via GitLab's interface go under `doc/user/admin_area/`. |
| `doc/api/` | API related documentation. |
| `doc/development/` | Documentation related to the development of GitLab. Related process and style guides should go here. |
| `doc/legal/` | Legal documents about contributing to GitLab. |
| `doc/install/` | Probably the most visited directory, since `` is there. Ideally this should go under `doc/administration/`, but it's best to leave it as-is in order to avoid confusion (still debated though). |
| `doc/update/` | Same with `doc/install/`. Should be under `administration/`, but this is a well known location, better leave as-is, at least for now. |
| `doc/topics/` | Indexes per Topic (`doc/topics/topic-name/`): all resources for that topic (user and admin documentation, articles, and third-party docs) |
**Rules and best practices:**
1. When you create a new directory, always start with an `` file.
Do not use another file name and **do not** create `` files.
1. **Do not** use special chars and spaces, or capital letters in file names,
directory names, branch names, and anything that generates a path.
1. When creating a new document and it has more than one word in its name,
make sure to use underscores instead of spaces or dashes (`-`). For example,
a proper naming would be ``. The same rule
applies to images.
1. For image files, do not exceed 100KB.
1. We do not yet support embedded videos. Please link out.
1. There are four main directories, `user`, `administration`, `api` and `development`.
1. The `doc/user/` directory has five main subdirectories: `project/`, `group/`,
`profile/`, `dashboard/` and `admin_area/`.
1. `doc/user/project/` should contain all project related documentation.
1. `doc/user/group/` should contain all group related documentation.
1. `doc/user/profile/` should contain all profile related documentation.
Every page you would navigate under `/profile` should have its own document,
i.e. ``, ``, ``, etc.
1. `doc/user/dashboard/` should contain all dashboard related documentation.
1. `doc/user/admin_area/` should contain all admin related documentation
describing what can be achieved by accessing GitLab's admin interface
(_not to be confused with `doc/administration` where server access is
1. Every category under `/admin/application_settings` should have its
own document located at `doc/user/admin_area/settings/`. For example,
the **Visibility and Access Controls** category should have a document
located at `doc/user/admin_area/settings/`.
1. The `doc/topics/` directory holds topic-related technical content. Create
`doc/topics/topic-name/subtopic-name/` when subtopics become necessary.
General user- and admin- related documentation, should be placed accordingly.
1. The directories `/workflow/`, `/university/`, and `/articles/` have
been **deprecated** and the majority their docs have been moved to their correct location
in small iterations.
If you are unsure where a document or a content addition should live, this should
not stop you from authoring and contributing. You can use your best judgment and
then ask the reviewer of your MR to confirm your decision, and/or ask a technical writer
at any stage in the process. The techncial writing team will review all documentation
changes, regardless, and can move content if there is a better place for it.
### Changing document location
## Folder structure and files
Beyond the top-level directories under /doc, which mainly pertain to audiences (`user`, `administration`, `development`), we organize by product area and subject, not type.
For complete details, see the [Content]( section of the [Documentation Style Guide](
## Changing document location
Changing a document's location requires specific steps to be followed to ensure that
users can seamlessly access the new doc page, whether they are accesing content
......@@ -186,7 +112,7 @@ Things to note:
built-in help page, that's why we omit it in `git grep`.
- Use the checklist on the "Change documentation location" MR description template.
#### Alternative redirection method
### Alternative redirection method
Alternatively to the method described above, you can simply replace the content
of the old file with a frontmatter containing a redirect link:
......@@ -204,7 +130,7 @@ This redirection method will not provide a redirect fallback on GitLab `/help`.
it, make sure to add a link to the new page on the doc, otherwise it's a dead end for users that
land on the doc via `/help`.
#### Redirections for pages with Disqus comments
### Redirections for pages with Disqus comments
If the documentation page being relocated already has any Disqus comments,
we need to preserve the Disqus thread.
......@@ -389,7 +315,7 @@ to merge changes that will break `master` from a merge request with a successful
## Docs site architecture
See the [Docs site architecture](site_architecture/ page to learn
how we build and deploy the site at [](, and
how we build and deploy the site at []( and
to review all the assets and libraries in use.
### Global navigation
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