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......@@ -27,10 +27,23 @@ This exported module should be used instead of directly using `axios` to ensure
## Mock axios response on tests
## Mock axios response in tests
To help us mock the responses we need we use [axios-mock-adapter][axios-mock-adapter]
To help us mock the responses we are using [axios-mock-adapter][axios-mock-adapter].
Advantages over [`spyOn()`]:
- no need to create response objects
- does not allow call through (which we want to avoid)
- simple API to test error cases
- provides `replyOnce()` to allow for different responses
We have also decided against using [axios interceptors] because they are not suitable for mocking.
[axios interceptors]:
### Example
import axios from '~/lib/utils/axios_utils';
......@@ -54,7 +67,7 @@ To help us mock the responses we need we use [axios-mock-adapter][axios-mock-ada
### Mock poll requests on tests with axios
### Mock poll requests in tests with axios
Because polling function requires a header object, we need to always include an object as the third argument:
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