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......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ At the project level, the Security Dashboard displays the latest security report
for your project. Use it to find and fix vulnerabilities affecting the
[default branch](../../project/repository/branches/
![Project Security Dashboard](img/project_security_dashboard.png)
![Project Security Dashboard](img/project_security_dashboard_v12_3.png)
## Group Security Dashboard
......@@ -71,12 +71,15 @@ Once you're on the dashboard, at the top you should see a series of filters for:
- Report type
- Project
To the right of the filters, you should see a **Hide dismissed** toggle button.
NOTE: **Note:**
The dashboard only shows projects with [security reports](#supported-reports) enabled in a group.
![dashboard with action buttons and metrics](img/group_security_dashboard_v12_3.png)
Selecting one or more filters will filter the results in this page.
Selecting one or more filters will filter the results in this page. Disabling the **Hide dismissed**
toggle button will let you also see vulnerabilities that have been dismissed.
The main section is a list of all the vulnerabilities in the group, sorted by severity.
In that list, you can see the severity of the vulnerability, its name, its
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