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......@@ -37,12 +37,31 @@ are very appreciative of the work done by translators and proofreaders!
> sure that you have a history of contributing translations to the GitLab
> project.
1. Once your translations have been accepted,
[open a merge request](
to request Proofreader permissions and add yourself to the list above.
1. Contribute translations to GitLab. See instructions for
[translating GitLab](
Translating GitLab is a community effort that requires team work and
attention to detail. Proofreaders play an important role helping new
contributors, and ensuring the consistency and quality of translations.
Your conduct and contributions as a translator should reflect this before
requesting to be a proofreader.
1. Request proofreader permissions by opening a merge request to add yourself
to the list of proofreaders.
Open the [ source file][proofreader-src] and click **Edit**.
Add your language in alphabetical order, and add yourself to the list
- name
- link to your GitLab profile
- link to your CrowdIn profile
In the merge request description, please include links to any projects you
have previously translated.
1. Your request to become a proofreader will be considered on the merits of
your previous translations.
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