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Add "Changing your username" section to docs

And link to it from where you change your username.
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Change username
Changing your username will change path to all personal projects!
Changing your username can have unintended side effects.
= succeed '.' do
= link_to 'Learn more', help_page_path('user/profile/index', anchor: 'changing-your-username'), target: '_blank'
= form_for @user, url: update_username_profile_path, method: :put, html: {class: "update-username"} do |f|
......@@ -8,10 +8,27 @@ experience according to the best approach to their cases.
Your `username` is a unique [`namespace`](../group/
related to your user ID.
### Changing your username
You can change your `username` from your
[profile settings](#profile-settings). To avoid breaking
paths when you change your `username`, we suggest you follow
[this procedure from the GitLab Team Handbook](
[profile settings](#profile-settings).
> **Note:** If you want to retain ownership over the original namespace and
protect the URL redirects, then instead of changing your username, you can
create a new group and transfer projects to it.
Alternatively, you can follow [this detailed procedure from the GitLab Team Handbook](
Changing your username can have unintended side effects.
* Existing web URLs for the user and anything under it (i.e. projects) will
redirect to the new URLs
* Existing Git remote URLs for projects under the user will no longer work, but
Git responses will show an error with the new remote URL
* The original namespace can be claimed again by any group or user, which will
destroy any web redirects and Git remote warnings
> It is currently not possible to rename a namespace if it contains a
project with container registry tags, because the project cannot be moved.
## User profile
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