Commit 07d137a9 authored by Stan Hu's avatar Stan Hu

Merge branch 'use-deployment-relation-to-fetch-environment-ce' into 'master'

Backport: Optimize slow pipelines.js response

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!24890
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......@@ -48,13 +48,23 @@ module Ci
delegate :trigger_short_token, to: :trigger_request, allow_nil: true
# The "environment" field for builds is a String, and is the unexpanded name!
# Since Gitlab 11.5, deployments records started being created right after
# `ci_builds` creation. We can look up a relevant `environment` through
# `deployment` relation today. This is much more efficient than expanding
# environment name with variables.
# (See more
# However, we have to still expand environment name if it's a stop action,
# because `deployment` persists information for start action only.
# We will follow up this by persisting expanded name in build metadata or
# persisting stop action in database.
def persisted_environment
return unless has_environment?
strong_memoize(:persisted_environment) do
Environment.find_by(name: expanded_environment_name, project: project)
deployment&.environment ||
Environment.find_by(name: expanded_environment_name, project: project)
title: Use deployment relation to get an environment name
merge_request: 24890
type: performance
......@@ -1844,6 +1844,26 @@ describe Ci::Build do
context 'when there is no environment' do
it { be_nil }
context 'when build has a start environment' do
let(:build) { create(:ci_build, :deploy_to_production, pipeline: pipeline) }
it 'does not expand environment name' do
expect(build).not_to receive(:expanded_environment_name)
context 'when build has a stop environment' do
let(:build) { create(:ci_build, :stop_review_app, pipeline: pipeline) }
it 'expands environment name' do
expect(build).to receive(:expanded_environment_name)
describe '#play' do
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