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    Clean up docs under install/ · 5a4bab08
    Achilleas Pipinellis authored
    This is an initiative to ensure all documentation complies completely
    with the Documentation Style Guide section "Documentation is the single
    source of truth (SSOT)" according to this epic
    In particular, the changes of this commit touch all files under
    doc/install/. Most notably:
    - install/redis.md:
            Redirect to Redis section of install guide.
    - install/pivotal/index.md:
            Changed its content to reflect the current status, which is no
            longer supported (since 2017!).
    - install/google-protobuf.md:
            Incorporated inside installation.md under the troubleshooting section.
    - install/openshift_and_gitlab.md:
            Clarified that this guide is no longer relevant. We might want to
            redirect to the Chart docs in the future.
    - install/structure.md:
            Incorporated inside installation.md under its own section.
    - install/kubernetes/index.md:
            Redirected to https://docs.gitlab.com/charts
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