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    Disable the inheritance column of services in DisableInvalidServiceTemplates migration · 2f40fc52
    Rémy Coutable authored
    The `unless defined?(Service)` was useless since in production env,
    models are eager loaded, thus we wouldn't disable the STI, resulting in
    the following error:
    The single-table inheritance mechanism failed to locate the subclass:
    'GitlabCiService'. This error is raised because the column 'type' is
    reserved for storing the class in case of inheritance. Please rename
    this column if you didn't intend it to be used for storing the
    inheritance class or overwrite Service.inheritance_column to use another
    column for that
    information./opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/db/post_migrate/20170211073944_disable_invalid_service_templates.rb:11:in `up'
    Signed-off-by: Rémy Coutable's avatarRémy Coutable <remy@rymai.me>
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