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    Convert clusters to use a top-level controller · 5b3c096c
    Thong Kuah authored
    In preparation so that we can create both cluster attached to project
    and cluster attached to group.
    - Move ClustersController to top level
    - Move Clusters::ApplicationsController to top-level too
    - Creates a Clusters::BaseController to share common functions
    - Do not rely on @Project ivar. Anything could set the ivar.
    - Fix Vue page components due to new data-page value
    Because of the controller change we have gone from
    `projects:clusters:new` to `clusters:new`, so we need to update the file
    location of the page components. There is somewhere a function that will
    convert data-page to a file location.
    On that note, projects/clusters/gcp/new/, translate to
    Projects::Clusters::Gcp#new doesn't exist so replace that with
    clusters/create_gcp/ and clusters/create_user/
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