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    Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support · 519ffa1e
    Mike Greiling authored
    * master: (297 commits)
      Fix deletion of container registry or images returning an error
      The fog-aliyun gem had a bug in v0.1.0 for file storage creation/update. This merge requests update the gem to v0.2.0 which contains the fix:
      Decrease ABC threshold to 54.28
      Update VERSION to 10.2.0-pre
      Update CHANGELOG.md for 10.1.0
      Fix the external URLs generated for online view of HTML artifacts
      Use title as placeholder instead of issue title for reusability
      Fix failure in current_settings_spec.rb
      Clarify the difference between project_update and project_rename
      URI decode Page-Title header to preserve UTF-8 characters
      Update Gitaly version to v0.49.0
      Decrease Perceived Complexity threshold to 14
      Resolve "Remove help text regarding group issues on group issues page (and group merge requests page)"
      Force non diff resolved discussion to display when collapse toggled
      Added submodule support in multi-file editor
      add note about after_script being run separately
      Check for element before evaluate_script
      Merge branch 'master-i18n' into 'master'
      Update Prometheus gem to fix problems with other files overwriting current file
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