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Update GitHub integration instructions to swap example domain to * (

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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ To get the credentials (a pair of Client ID and Client Secret), you must registe
1. Provide the required details.
- Application name: This can be anything. Consider something like `<Organization>'s GitLab` or `<Your Name>'s GitLab` or something else descriptive.
- Homepage URL: the URL to your GitLab installation. e.g., ``
- Homepage URL: The URL of your GitLab installation. For example, ``.
- Application description: Fill this in if you wish.
- Authorization callback URL: `http(s)://${YOUR_DOMAIN}/users/auth/github/callback`. Please make sure the port is included if your GitLab instance is not configured on default port.
![Register OAuth App](img/github_register_app.png)
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