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Please view this file on the master branch, on stable branches it's out of date.
v 8.7.0 (unreleased)
- All service classes (those residing in app/services) are now instrumented (Yorick Peterse)
- The Projects::HousekeepingService class has extra instrumentation
- All service classes (those residing in app/services) are now instrumented
- Developers can now add custom tags to transactions
- Loading of an issue's referenced merge requests and related branches is now done asynchronously
- Enable gzip for assets, makes the page size significantly smaller. !3544 / !3632 (Connor Shea)
- Project switcher uses new dropdown styling
- Load award emoji images separately unless opening the full picker. Saves several hundred KBs of data for most pages. (Connor Shea)
- Do not include award_emojis in issue and merge_request comment_count !3610 (Lucas Charles)
- All images in discussions and wikis now link to their source files !3464 (Connor Shea).
- Return status code 303 after a branch DELETE operation to avoid project deletion (Stan Hu)
- Improved Markdown rendering performance !3389 (Yorick Peterse)
- Add setting for customizing the list of trusted proxies !3524
- Allow projects to be transfered to a lower visibility level group
- Fix `signed_in_ip` being set to when using a reverse proxy !3524
- Improved Markdown rendering performance !3389
- Don't attempt to look up an avatar in repo if repo directory does not exist (Stan Hu)
- API: Ability to subscribe and unsubscribe from issues and merge requests (Robert Schilling)
- Expose project badges in project settings
- Make /profile/keys/new redirect to /profile/keys for back-compat. !3717
- Preserve time notes/comments have been updated at when moving issue
- Make HTTP(s) label consistent on clone bar (Stan Hu)
- Expose label description in API (Mariusz Jachimowicz)
- Allow back dating on issues when created through the API
- API: Ability to update a group (Robert Schilling)
- API: Ability to move issues (Robert Schilling)
- Fix Error 500 after renaming a project path (Stan Hu)
- Fix a bug whith trailing slash in teamcity_url (Charles May)
- Allow back dating on issues when created or updated through the API
- Allow back dating on issue notes when created through the API
- Fix avatar stretching by providing a cropping feature
- API: Expose `subscribed` for issues and merge requests (Robert Schilling)
- Allow SAML to handle external users based on user's information !3530
- Allow Omniauth providers to be marked as `external` !3657
- Add endpoints to archive or unarchive a project !3372
- Fix a bug whith trailing slash in bamboo_url
- Add links to CI setup documentation from project settings and builds pages
- Handle nil descriptions in Slack issue messages (Stan Hu)
- Add automated repository integrity checks
- API: Expose open_issues_count, closed_issues_count, open_merge_requests_count for labels (Robert Schilling)
- API: Ability to star and unstar a project (Robert Schilling)
- Add default scope to projects to exclude projects pending deletion
- Allow to close merge requests which source projects(forks) are deleted.
- Ensure empty recipients are rejected in BuildsEmailService
- Use rugged to change HEAD in Project#change_head (P.S.V.R)
- API: Ability to filter milestones by state `active` and `closed` (Robert Schilling)
- API: Fix milestone filtering by `iid` (Robert Schilling)
- API: Delete notes of issues, snippets, and merge requests (Robert Schilling)
- Implement 'Groups View' as an option for dashboard preferences !3379 (Elias W.)
- Better errors handling when creating milestones inside groups
- Fix high CPU usage when PostReceive receives refs/merge-requests/<id>
- Hide `Create a group` help block when creating a new project in a group
- Implement 'TODOs View' as an option for dashboard preferences !3379 (Elias W.)
- Allow issues and merge requests to be assigned to the author !2765
- Gracefully handle notes on deleted commits in merge requests (Stan Hu)
- Decouple membership and notifications
- Fix creation of merge requests for orphaned branches (Stan Hu)
......@@ -39,15 +61,31 @@ v 8.7.0 (unreleased)
- Fix admin/projects when using visibility levels on search (PotHix)
- Build status notifications
- API: Expose user location (Robert Schilling)
- API: Do not leak group existence via return code (Robert Schilling)
- ClosingIssueExtractor regex now also works with colons. e.g. "Fixes: #1234" !3591
- Update number of Todos in the sidebar when it's marked as "Done". !3600
- API: Expose 'updated_at' for issue, snippet, and merge request notes (Robert Schilling)
- API: User can leave a project through the API when not master or owner. !3613
- While signing up, don't persist the user password across form redisplays
- Fix repository cache invalidation issue when project is recreated with an empty repo (Stan Hu)
- Fix: Allow empty recipients list for builds emails service when pushed is added (Frank Groeneveld)
- Improved markdown forms
- Delete tags using Rugged for performance reasons (Robert Schilling)
- Diffs load at the correct point when linking from from number
- Selected diff rows highlight
- Fix emoji categories in the emoji picker
- Add encrypted credentials for imported projects and migrate old ones
- Author and participants are displayed first on users autocompletion
- Show number sign on external issue reference text (Florent Baldino)
v 8.6.6
- Expire the exists cache before deletion to ensure project dir actually exists (Stan Hu). !3413
- Fix error on language detection when repository has no HEAD (e.g., master branch) (Jeroen Bobbeldijk). !3654
- Fix revoking of authorized OAuth applications (Connor Shea). !3690
- Fix error on language detection when repository has no HEAD (e.g., master branch). !3654 (Jeroen Bobbeldijk)
- Project switcher uses new dropdown styling
- Issuable header is consistent between issues and merge requests
- Improved spacing in issuable header on mobile
v 8.6.5
- Fix importing from GitHub Enterprise. !3529
......@@ -247,7 +285,7 @@ v 8.5.1
v 8.5.0
- Fix duplicate "me" in tooltip of the "thumbsup" awards Emoji (Stan Hu)
- Cache various Repository methods to improve performance (Yorick Peterse)
- Cache various Repository methods to improve performance
- Fix duplicated branch creation/deletion Webhooks/service notifications when using Web UI (Stan Hu)
- Ensure rake tasks that don't need a DB connection can be run without one
- Update New Relic gem to (Stan Hu)
......@@ -22,7 +22,17 @@
#= require cal-heatmap
#= require turbolinks
#= require autosave
#= require bootstrap
#= require bootstrap/affix
#= require bootstrap/alert
#= require bootstrap/button
#= require bootstrap/collapse
#= require bootstrap/dropdown
#= require bootstrap/modal
#= require bootstrap/scrollspy
#= require bootstrap/tab
#= require bootstrap/transition
#= require bootstrap/tooltip
#= require bootstrap/popover
#= require select2
#= require raphael
#= require g.raphael
......@@ -29,7 +29,11 @@ $(document).on 'keydown.quick_submit', '.js-quick-submit', (e) ->
$form = $('form')
$form.find('input[type=submit], button[type=submit]').disable()
$submit_button = $form.find('input[type=submit], button[type=submit]')
return if $submit_button.attr('disabled')
# If the user tabs to a submit button on a `js-quick-submit` form, display a
......@@ -28,26 +28,26 @@ class Dispatcher
new Todos()
when 'projects:milestones:new', 'projects:milestones:edit'
new ZenMode()
new DropzoneInput($('.milestone-form'))
new GLForm($('.milestone-form'))
when 'groups:milestones:new'
new ZenMode()
when 'projects:compare:show'
new Diff()
when 'projects:issues:new','projects:issues:edit'
shortcut_handler = new ShortcutsNavigation()
new DropzoneInput($('.issue-form'))
new GLForm($('.issue-form'))
new IssuableForm($('.issue-form'))
when 'projects:merge_requests:new', 'projects:merge_requests:edit'
new Diff()
shortcut_handler = new ShortcutsNavigation()
new DropzoneInput($('.merge-request-form'))
new GLForm($('.merge-request-form'))
new IssuableForm($('.merge-request-form'))
when 'projects:tags:new'
new ZenMode()
new DropzoneInput($('.tag-form'))
new GLForm($('.tag-form'))
when 'projects:releases:edit'
new ZenMode()
new DropzoneInput($('.release-form'))
new GLForm($('.release-form'))
when 'projects:merge_requests:show'
new Diff()
shortcut_handler = new ShortcutsIssuable(true)
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ class Dispatcher
new Wikis()
shortcut_handler = new ShortcutsNavigation()
new ZenMode()
new DropzoneInput($('.wiki-form'))
new GLForm($('.wiki-form'))
when 'snippets'
shortcut_handler = new ShortcutsNavigation()
new ZenMode() if path[2] == 'show'
......@@ -15,11 +15,13 @@ class @DropzoneInput
project_uploads_path = window.project_uploads_path or null
max_file_size = gon.max_file_size or 10
form_textarea = $(form).find("textarea.markdown-area")
form_textarea = $(form).find(".js-gfm-input")
form_textarea.wrap "<div class=\"div-dropzone\"></div>"
form_textarea.on 'paste', (event) =>
$mdArea = $(form_textarea).closest('.md-area')
form_dropzone = $(form).find('.div-dropzone')
......@@ -49,17 +51,16 @@ class @DropzoneInput
$(".div-dropzone-alert").alert "close"
dragover: ->
form_textarea.addClass "div-dropzone-focus"
$mdArea.addClass 'is-dropzone-hover'
form.find(".div-dropzone-hover").css "opacity", 0.7
dragleave: ->
form_textarea.removeClass "div-dropzone-focus"
$mdArea.removeClass 'is-dropzone-hover'
form.find(".div-dropzone-hover").css "opacity", 0
drop: ->
form_textarea.removeClass "div-dropzone-focus"
form.find(".div-dropzone-hover").css "opacity", 0
......@@ -2,6 +2,8 @@
window.GitLab ?= {}
GitLab.GfmAutoComplete =
dataLoading: false
dataSource: ''
# Emoji
......@@ -17,17 +19,41 @@ GitLab.GfmAutoComplete =
template: '<li><small>${id}</small> ${title}</li>'
# Add GFM auto-completion to all input fields, that accept GFM input.
setup: ->
input = $('.js-gfm-input')
setup: (wrap) ->
@input = $('.js-gfm-input')
# destroy previous instances
# set up instances
if @dataSource
if !@dataLoading
@dataLoading = true
# We should wait until initializations are done
# and only trigger the last .setup since
# The previous .dataSource belongs to the previous issuable
# and the last one will have the **proper** .dataSource property
# TODO: Make this a singleton and turn off events when moving to another page
setTimeout( =>
fetch = @fetchData(@dataSource)
fetch.done (data) =>
@dataLoading = false
, 1000)
setupAtWho: ->
# Emoji
at: ':'
displayTpl: @Emoji.template
insertTpl: ':${name}:'
# Team Members
at: '@'
displayTpl: @Members.template
insertTpl: '${atwho-at}${username}'
......@@ -42,7 +68,7 @@ GitLab.GfmAutoComplete =
title: sanitize(title)
search: sanitize("#{m.username} #{}")
at: '#'
alias: 'issues'
searchKey: 'search'
......@@ -55,7 +81,7 @@ GitLab.GfmAutoComplete =
title: sanitize(i.title)
search: "#{i.iid} #{i.title}"
at: '!'
alias: 'mergerequests'
searchKey: 'search'
......@@ -68,13 +94,18 @@ GitLab.GfmAutoComplete =
title: sanitize(m.title)
search: "#{m.iid} #{m.title}"
if @dataSource
$.getJSON(@dataSource).done (data) ->
# load members
input.atwho 'load', '@', data.members
# load issues
input.atwho 'load', 'issues', data.issues
# load merge requests
input.atwho 'load', 'mergerequests', data.mergerequests
# load emojis
input.atwho 'load', ':', data.emojis
destroyAtWho: ->
fetchData: (dataSource) ->
loadData: (data) ->
# load members
@input.atwho 'load', '@', data.members
# load issues
@input.atwho 'load', 'issues', data.issues
# load merge requests
@input.atwho 'load', 'mergerequests', data.mergerequests
# load emojis
@input.atwho 'load', ':', data.emojis
class @GLForm
constructor: (@form) ->
@textarea = @form.find('textarea.js-gfm-input')
# Before we start, we should clean up any previous data for this form
# Setup the form
@setupForm() 'gl-form', @
destroy: ->
# Clean form listeners
@clearEventListeners() 'gl-form', null
setupForm: ->
isNewForm =':not(.gfm-form)')
@form.removeClass 'js-new-note-form'
if isNewForm
disableButtonIfEmptyField @form.find('.js-note-text'), @form.find('.js-comment-button')
# remove notify commit author checkbox for non-commit notes
new DropzoneInput(@form)
# form and textarea event listeners
# hide discard button
clearEventListeners: -> 'focus' 'blur'
addEventListeners: ->
@textarea.on 'focus', ->
$(@).closest('.md-area').addClass 'is-focused'
@textarea.on 'blur', ->
$(@).closest('.md-area').removeClass 'is-focused'
......@@ -10,6 +10,9 @@ class @Issue
initTaskList: ->
$('.detail-page-description .js-task-list-container').taskList('enable')
$(document).on 'tasklist:changed', '.detail-page-description .js-task-list-container', @updateTaskList
......@@ -69,3 +72,23 @@ class @Issue
type: 'PATCH'
url: $('form.js-issuable-update').attr('action')
data: patchData
initMergeRequests: ->
$container = $('#merge-requests')
.error ->
new Flash('Failed to load referenced merge requests', 'alert')
.success (data) ->
if 'html' of data
initRelatedBranches: ->
$container = $('#related-branches')
.error ->
new Flash('Failed to load related branches', 'alert')
.success (data) ->
if 'html' of data
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ class @LabelsSelect
labelHTMLTemplate = _.template(
'<% _.each(labels, function(label){ %>
<a href="<%= ["",issueURLSplit[1], issueURLSplit[2],""].join("/") %>issues?label_name=<%= label.title %>">
<span class="label color-label" style="background-color: <%= label.color %>;">
<span class="label has-tooltip color-label" title="<%= label.description %>" style="background-color: <%= label.color %>;">
<%= label.title %>
......@@ -165,6 +165,8 @@ class @LabelsSelect
$('.has-tooltip', $value).tooltip(container: 'body')
.each((i) ->
......@@ -218,7 +220,7 @@ class @LabelsSelect
selectable: true
toggleLabel: (selected) ->
if selected and selected.title isnt 'Any Label'
if selected and selected.title?
......@@ -85,8 +85,10 @@ class @MergeRequestTabs
scrollToElement: (container) ->
if window.location.hash
$el = $("div#{container} #{window.location.hash}")
$('body').scrollTo($el.offset().top) if $el.length
navBarHeight = $('.navbar-gitlab').outerHeight()
$el = $("#{container} #{window.location.hash}")
$.scrollTo("#{container} #{window.location.hash}", offset: -navBarHeight) if $el.length
# Activate a tab based on the current action
activateTab: (action) ->
......@@ -152,12 +154,38 @@ class @MergeRequestTabs
url: "#{source}.json" +
success: (data) =>
document.querySelector("div#diffs").innerHTML = data.html
$('#diffs').html data.html
gl.utils.localTimeAgo($('.js-timeago', 'div#diffs'))
$('div#diffs .js-syntax-highlight').syntaxHighlight()
$('#diffs .js-syntax-highlight').syntaxHighlight()
@expandViewContainer() if @diffViewType() is 'parallel'
@diffsLoaded = true
.off 'click', '.diff-line-num a'
.on 'click', '.diff-line-num a', (e) =>
window.location.hash = $(e.currentTarget).attr 'href'
highlighSelectedLine: ->
$('.hll').removeClass 'hll'
locationHash = window.location.hash
if locationHash isnt ''
hashClassString = ".#{locationHash.replace('#', '')}"
$diffLine = $(locationHash)
if $ ':not(tr)'
$diffLine = $("td#{locationHash}, td#{hashClassString}")
$diffLine = $('td', $diffLine)
$diffLine.addClass 'hll'
diffLineTop = $diffLine.offset().top
navBarHeight = $('.navbar-gitlab').outerHeight()
loadBuilds: (source) ->
return if @buildsLoaded
......@@ -283,32 +283,10 @@ class @Notes
show the form
setupNoteForm: (form) ->
disableButtonIfEmptyField form.find(".js-note-text"), form.find(".js-comment-button")
form.removeClass "js-new-note-form"
# hide discard button
# setup preview buttons
previewButton = form.find(".js-md-preview-button")
new GLForm form
textarea = form.find(".js-note-text")
textarea.on "input", ->
if $(this).val().trim() isnt ""
previewButton.removeClass("turn-off").addClass "turn-on"
previewButton.removeClass("turn-on").addClass "turn-off"
textarea.on 'focus', ->
$(this).closest('.md-area').addClass 'is-focused'
textarea.on 'blur', ->
$(this).closest('.md-area').removeClass 'is-focused'
new Autosave textarea, [
......@@ -317,11 +295,6 @@ class @Notes
# remove notify commit author checkbox for non-commit notes
new DropzoneInput(form)
Called in response to the new note form being submitted
......@@ -375,34 +348,15 @@ class @Notes
note = $(this).closest(".note")
note.addClass "is-editting"
form = note.find(".note-edit-form")
isNewForm =':not(.gfm-form)')
if isNewForm
# Show the attachment delete link
# Setup markdown form
if isNewForm
new DropzoneInput(form)
textarea = form.find("textarea")
if isNewForm
# HACK (rspeicher/DouweM): Work around a Chrome 43 bug(?).
# The textarea has the correct value, Chrome just won't show it unless we
# modify it, so let's clear it and re-set it!
value = textarea.val()
textarea.val ""
textarea.val value
new GLForm form
if isNewForm
disableButtonIfEmptyField textarea, form.find(".js-comment-button")
Called in response to clicking the edit note link
......@@ -559,6 +513,9 @@ class @Notes
removeDiscussionNoteForm: (form)->
row = form.closest("tr")