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Document "Pick into Backports" label process

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......@@ -141,18 +141,22 @@ the stable branch are:
* Fixes for security issues
* New or updated translations (as long as they do not touch application code)
Any merge requests cherry-picked into the stable branch for a previous release
will also be picked into the latest stable branch. These fixes will be shipped
in the next RC for that release if it is before the 22nd. If the fixes are are
completed on or after the 22nd, they will be shipped in a patch for that
During the feature freeze all merge requests that are meant to go into the upcoming
release should have the correct milestone assigned _and_ have the label
~"Pick into Stable" set, so that release managers can find and pick them.
Merge requests without a milestone and this label will
not be merged into any stable branches.
Fixes marked like this will be shipped in the next RC for that release. Once
the final RC has been prepared ready for release on the 22nd, further fixes
marked ~"Pick into Stable" will go into a patch for that release.
If a merge request is to be picked into more than one release it will also need
the ~"Pick into Backports" label set to remind the release manager to change
the milestone after cherry-picking. As before, it should still have the
~"Pick into Stable" label and the milestone of the highest release it will be
picked into.
### Asking for an exception
If you think a merge request should go into an RC or patch even though it does not meet these requirements,
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