Commit db7ae616 authored by Dylan Griffith's avatar Dylan Griffith Committed by Thong Kuah

Elaborate on POSTGRES_VERSION Auto DevOps setting

parent 489d952f
......@@ -697,7 +697,7 @@ also be customized, and you can easily use a [custom buildpack](#custom-buildpac
| `POSTGRES_USER` | The PostgreSQL user; defaults to `user`. Set it to use a custom username. |
| `POSTGRES_PASSWORD` | The PostgreSQL password; defaults to `testing-password`. Set it to use a custom password. |
| `POSTGRES_DB` | The PostgreSQL database name; defaults to the value of [`$CI_ENVIRONMENT_SLUG`](../../ci/variables/ Set it to use a custom database name. |
| `POSTGRES_VERSION` | The PostgreSQL version; defaults to `9.6.2` |
| `POSTGRES_VERSION` | Tag for the [`postgres` Docker image]( to use. Defaults to `9.6.2`. |
| `BUILDPACK_URL` | The buildpack's full URL. It can point to either Git repositories or a tarball URL. For Git repositories, it is possible to point to a specific `ref`, for example `` |
| `SAST_CONFIDENCE_LEVEL` | The minimum confidence level of security issues you want to be reported; `1` for Low, `2` for Medium, `3` for High; defaults to `3`.|
| `DEP_SCAN_DISABLE_REMOTE_CHECKS` | Whether remote Dependency Scanning checks are disabled; defaults to `"false"`. Set to `"true"` to disable checks that send data to GitLab central servers. [Read more about remote checks](|
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