Commit d49645a0 authored by gitlabhq's avatar gitlabhq

fixed wall --all option

parent 24f04c0a
......@@ -83,16 +83,15 @@ class ProjectsController < ApplicationController
def wall
@date = case params[:view]
when "week" then - 7.days
when "all" then nil
when "day" then
else nil
@notes = @project.common_notes.order("created_at DESC")
@notes = @date ? @notes.since(@date.at_beginning_of_day) : @notes.fresh.limit(10)
@note =
@notes = @project.common_notes.order("created_at DESC")
@notes = case params[:view]
when "week" then @notes.since(( - 7.days).at_beginning_of_day)
when "all" then @notes.all
when "day" then @notes.since(
else @notes.fresh.limit(10)
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