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Print style


Closes #14201

See merge request !3784
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......@@ -80,6 +80,7 @@ v 8.7.0 (unreleased)
- Add encrypted credentials for imported projects and migrate old ones
- Author and participants are displayed first on users autocompletion
- Show number sign on external issue reference text (Florent Baldino)
- Updated print style for issues
v 8.6.6
- Expire the exists cache before deletion to ensure project dir actually exists (Stan Hu). !3413
/* Generic print styles */
header, nav, nav.main-nav, nav.navbar-collapse, nav.navbar-collapse.collapse {display: none!important;}
.profiler-results {display: none;}
/* Styles targeted specifically at printing files */
.tree-ref-holder, .tree-holder .breadcrumb, .blob-commit-info {display: none;}
.file-title {display: none;}
.file-holder {border: none;}
.wiki h1, .wiki h2, .wiki h3, .wiki h4, .wiki h5, .wiki h6 {margin-top: 17px; }
.wiki h1 {font-size: 30px;}
.wiki h2 {font-size: 22px;}
.wiki h3 {font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold; }
.sidebar-wrapper { display: none; }
.nav { display: none; }
.btn { display: none; }
.tree-holder .breadcrumb,
.merge-request-ci-status .ci-status-link:after,
.issuable-details .content-block-small,
.note-action-button {
display: none!important;
.page-gutter {
padding-top: 0;
padding-left: 0;
.right-sidebar {
top: 0;
= render "projects/notes/notes"
- if can? current_user, :create_note, @project
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