Commit cc4f7ef4 authored by Mayra Cabrera's avatar Mayra Cabrera

Merge branch 'sh-remove-deprecation-warnings-from-com' into 'master'

Conditionally enable deprecation log messages

Closes #46158 and gitlab-com/infrastructure#4228

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!18997
parent b605916f
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deprecator ='11.0', 'GitLab')
if Rails.env.development? || ENV['GITLAB_LEGACY_PATH_LOG_MESSAGE']
deprecator ='11.0', 'GitLab')
deprecator.behavior = -> (message, callstack) {
Rails.logger.warn("#{message}: #{callstack[1..20].join}")
if Gitlab.dev_env_or_com?
ActiveSupport::Deprecation.deprecate_methods(Gitlab::GitalyClient::StorageSettings, :legacy_disk_path, deprecator: deprecator)
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