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## Basic Git commands
Start using Git via the command line with the most basic
commands as described below.
### Clone a repository
To start working locally on an existing remote repository,
clone it with the command `git clone <repository path>`.
By cloning a repository, you'll download a copy of its
files into your local computer, preserving the Git
connection with the remote repository.
You can either clone it via HTTPS or [SSH](../ssh/
If you chose to clone it via HTTPS, you'll have to enter your
credentials every time you pull and push. With SSH, you enter
your credentials once and can pull and push straightaway.
You can find both paths (HTTPS and SSH) by navigating to
your project's landing page and clicking **Clone**. GitLab
will prompt you with both paths, from which you can copy
and paste in your command line.
As an example, consider a repository path:
- HTTPS: ``
- SSH: `` ``
To get started, open a terminal window in the directory
you wish to clone the repository files into, and run one
of the following commands.
Clone via HTTPS:
git clone
Clone via SSH:
git clone
Both commands will download a copy of the files in a
folder named after the project's name.
You can then navigate to the directory and start working
on it locally.
### Go to the master branch to pull the latest changes from there
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