Commit bf73bb30 authored by Annabel Dunstone Gray's avatar Annabel Dunstone Gray 🤰🏼 Committed by Clement Ho

Resolve "BS4: Create new Merge request boxes have different styles"

parent 1f70de18
......@@ -835,3 +835,5 @@ $font-family-monospace: $monospace-font;
$input-line-height: 20px;
$btn-line-height: 20px;
$table-accent-bg: $gray-light;
$card-border-color: $border-color;
$card-cap-bg: $gray-light;
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
= dropdown_filter(_("Search branches"))
= dropdown_content
= dropdown_loading
.text-center= icon('spinner spin', class: 'js-source-loading')
title: Fix new MR card styles
merge_request: 20822
type: fixed
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