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To set up a mirror from GitLab to GitHub, you need to follow these steps:
1. Create a [GitHub personal access token]( with the `public_repo` box checked.
1. Fill in the **Git repository URL** field, with the personal access token instead of a password.
For example: `https://<GitHubUsername>:<GitHubPersonalAccessToken>`.
1. Fill in the **Git repository URL** field using this format: `https://<your_github_username><your_github_group>/<your_github_project>.git`.
1. Fill in **Password** field with your GitHub personal access token.
1. Click the **Mirror repository** button.
1. Wait, or click the update button.
The mirrored repository will be listed. For example, `https://*****:*****<your_github_group>/<your_github_project>.git`.
The repository will push soon. To force a push, click the appropriate button.
## Pulling from a remote repository **[STARTER]**
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