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Update documentation on job level build variables

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## Variables
When receiving a build from GitLab CI, the runner prepares the build environment.
It starts by setting a list of **predefined variables** (Environment Variables) and a list of **user-defined variables**
The variables can be overwritten. They take precedence over each other in this order:
1. Secure variables
1. YAML-defined variables
1. YAML-defined job-leve variables
1. YAML-defined global variables
1. Predefined variables
For example, if you define:
1. API_TOKEN=SECURE as Secure Variable
1. API_TOKEN=YAML as YAML-defined variable
1. `API_TOKEN=SECURE` as Secure Variable
1. `API_TOKEN=YAML` as YAML-defined variable
The API_TOKEN will take the Secure Variable value: `SECURE`.
The `API_TOKEN` will take the Secure Variable value: `SECURE`.
### Predefined variables (Environment Variables)
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