Commit 7c3e42f0 authored by Dylan Griffith's avatar Dylan Griffith 🔴

Fix conflict in spec/models/ci/runner_spec.rb

parent c9a6f7cb
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......@@ -198,16 +198,11 @@ describe Ci::Runner do
describe '#assign_to' do
<<<<<<< HEAD
let!(:project) { FactoryBot.create :project }
let!(:shared_runner) { FactoryBot.create(:ci_runner, :shared) }
let!(:project) { FactoryBot.create(:project) }
>>>>>>> f91aaccf4d0... Merge branch 'correct-runner-type-when-assigning-shared-to-project' into 'master'
subject { runner.assign_to(project) }
context 'with shared_runner' do
context 'with shared runner' do
let!(:runner) { FactoryBot.create(:ci_runner, :shared) }
it 'transitions shared runner to project runner and assigns project' do
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