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Add ES array methods as cause of Phantom.js errors.

## What does this MR do?

Adds another example of something that causes a common error in JavaScript testing to the frontend dev docs.

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[requirements]: ../install/
## Common Errors
## Gotchas
### Rspec (Capybara/Poltergeist) chokes on general JavaScript errors
### Phantom.JS (used by Teaspoon & Rspec) chokes, returning vague JavaScript errors
If you see very generic JavaScript errors (e.g. `jQuery is undefined`) being thrown in tests, but
can't reproduce them manually, you may have included `ES6`-style JavaScript in files that don't
have the `.js.es6` file extension. Either use ES5-friendly JavaScript or rename the file you're
working in (`git mv <file>.js> <file.js.es6>`).
working in (`git mv <file.js> <file.js.es6>`).
Similar errors will be thrown if you're using
any of the [array methods introduced in ES6](
whether or not you've updated the file extension.
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